Our Talent Development solutions enable your talent to maximize their full potential, translating to real business results for your organization. Talent Matters offers customized Talent Development solutions to meet every type of budget.  

Our Leadership and Professional Development Services enable organizations to build employee capability, maximize potential, and increase employee engagement and retention, thereby creating greater organizational value. Unlike leadership "training" programs that focus on maintaining status quo, we strive to "develop" innovative, creative thinkers who focus on solutions rather than problems. 


We design and facilitate programs using case studies, team building exercises, problem-solving activities, assessments, experiential coursework and post-program coaching. Talent Matters also provides individual and/or team-based coaching to support the career growth and development of key talent across your organization.  


Together, our programs, tools, expert facilitation and coaching will help drive positive organizational change and improved performance as your leaders harness their full potential.  

With certification and expertise in many of the leading leadership and professional development and talent assessment tools, including:

  • Psychometric Testing (e.g., Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) Step I, Step II and Conflict Resolution), 
  • Competency Modeling (e.g., Lominger Leadership Architect®, Recruiting Architect® and Development Planner Plus® Suite), 
  • SKILLSCOPE 360-Degree Assessments and other similar 360-degree assessment tools,
  • DiSC® personal assessment tool,
  • Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument®,
  • Predictive Index System (Predictive Index (PI®), Performance Requirement Options™ (PRO) and Predictive Index Management Course™),
  • Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire (16pf),
  • Occupational Personality Questionnaires (OPQ), and
  • Saville & Holdsworth Limited (SHL) suite of aptitude and assessment instruments and interest inventories,

Talent Matters can help you achieve your organizational goals with a more capable workforce.  

We offer Professional Coaching Services to help your organization, its leaders and high potentials 

maximize their full potential as they embrace organizational change, execute strategies, focus on growth and improve performance. Trained through the Adler Certified Coaching Program (which is fully accredited by the International Coaching Federation), we provide Professional Coaching Services, on an individual or group basis, to leaders, high performing/potential talent, participants in our Leadership and Professional Development programs and others who can benefit by attaining their full potential.  

Our Change Management Services can help employees and organizations understand the challenges and opportunities that exist during organizational change.  Talent Matters can provide the skills and tools that enable leaders to deal with both the human side and business side of change.  You will also gain valuable insights into how to effectively manage through change, including: communicating effectively, collaborative problem-solving and maintaining morale and productivity.

Our Project Management Services can provide a broad range of project support utilizing a number of Six Sigma tools and related project management principles (e.g., "PCAD" (Plan, Communicate, Act and Debrief), Stakeholder Analysis, Characteristic Selection Matrix, Threat and Opportunity Matrix, "RASCI" (Responsible, Accountable, Support, Consult and Inform) and Elevator Speech framework).  In using these tools and principles, you will ensure a higher degree of project success.  

Talent Matters also provides Succession Planning Services, often an over-looked yet critical talent planning initiative.  We provide the framework and expertise to clients, enabling them to identify potential successors and potential blockers to key roles within their organization.  We can also support organizations to build a menu/inventory of key learning experiences that enable developmental growth and create a comprehensive road map for individual, functional or business unit succession plans.

Our Employee and Industrial Relations Services can support your organization in the areas of collective bargaining, dispute resolution, grievance and arbitration matters. 

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